Monday, 6 July 2009

Awaiting My Dream Catcher

You say you got to go and find yourself.
You say that you're becoming someone else.
Don't recognize the face in the mirror looking back at you.

You say you're leaving as you look away.
I know there's really nothing left to say.
Just know I'm here whenever you need me, I will wait for you.

So I'll let you go, I'll set you free.
And when you see what you need to see.
When you find you, come back to me

Take your time, I won't go anywhere.
Picture you with the wind in your hair.
I'll keep your things right where you left them.
I'll be here for you.

And I hope you find everything that you need.
I'll be right here, waiting to see.
You find you, come back to me.

I can't get close if you're not there.
I can't get inside if there's no soul to bear.
I can't fix you. I can't save you.
It's something you'll have to do.
Song Title Come Back to Me
Singer David Cook
Songwriters Amund Bjorklund, Espen Lind, Zac Maloy
Album David Cook

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jak said...

beautiful!! thought that u are the one who wrote this...

Ehm...ehm...remember that this writing represents something from but i'm not gonna tell in this box loll

Fé... said...

You MUST listen more songs of David Cook. I them all! Permanent, Always be My Baby, Light On, etc... The lyrics are wonderful!

This one is my personal favorite Jak. Sure it represents something in me. I'd love to have someone waiting for me while I'm chasing my dreams. LOL :D

jak said...

Always be My Baby and Light On are already in my "Jak's Songs" folder and right now, i'm listening "permanent" too..that's a sad u said, the lyric is amazing..

Fé... said...

The song is about his brother who's got cancer, so yes, it's kind of a sad song. But there's love, hope strength to go through all afflictions in it, Jak. Good thing!