Monday, 20 July 2009

Don't sweat the small stuff:

It's amazing how minor frustrations along the day can add up to one big, bad attitude by the time it reaches noon and evening. Frustrations come in three varieties:

1. Interruptions: Unexpected visitors or phone calls when you have a deadline to meet or something important requires your attention. Our best plans are often interrupted.
2. Inconveniences: While interruptions are usually from people, inconveniences are usually situations involving things: applications or appliances break down, traffic jams up, or you can't find what you need when you need it.
3. Irritations: Long delays, unreliable people, playing telephone tag, catching a cold, obnoxious clients, etc.

But the truth is you can't eliminate these. No doubt you'll face all three varieties this week, but you can keep them from stressing you out.

What's the secret to managing frustrations?
Don't resist it, but don't overreact or blow up.
Don't resent it; don't internalize you anger.
Don't resign to it; don't have a pity-party. Instead, reduce it. Treat it as insignificant. Put the frustration into proper perspective. It's just a minor setback, a part of living, no big deal! It's certainly not worth a heart attack.

Follow these rules for stress management:
RULE #1: Don't sweat the small stuff.
RULE #2: Realize it's all small stuff!

Just a lil' reminder to having a great day. Simple things, but we tend to forget the basic principles in everyday life. Have a nice day, all!

Pictures via Anja Rubik


Anonymous said...

It really stinks when someone you know can not put their frustrations aside and take it out on you. I wish everyone could follow these instructions!!

jak said...

"Realize it's all small stuff" u mean this statement so we can ignore it by considering it as not important stuff? Ohh...i wish i can do that... It will be successful if we are a 'cuek' person..Now, i'm trying to be a 'cuek'...even a little...heheheee...

thanks for the tips, Feb :)

Fé... said...

Hi Chloe, it's nice to have you back.
Yup, I agree with you about these "claustrophobic friends". I've got one recently. She would call me three times a day or more for trivial things, text me again and again, or pop out at your house.
I'm not usually rude, but I eventually could't put up with it anymore and just scream at her face, "Grow up, girl. Having a problem with your guy doesn't mean the sky's falling. Please.... have a life!!!". Lol. Things got better afterwards.
Good luck with that "someone" of yours, dear :)

Jak, no....
That's not what I mean. What I'm trying to say is that we should view all things with the right perception.
We should focus to important matters, whereas interruptions, inconveniences and irritations -every single one of them, should be considered small stuffs.
Thus, life's a lot simpler and happier. It's sometimes best to be ignorant.

Rosa said...

Thank you for this post! Too true!

Guest said...

I love your blog. Great job... but, the font is a wee bit too small for my severely short sighted eyes. (maybe it's only me).

Joel said...

Hey Fe, I love your Stuff.. we should link up and talk.. am reeeeaaaaalllly impressed by your blog.. great stuff hey.. keep doin what ur doing my dear

Fé... said...

Ha3, Pel... I'll see what I can do with the fonts. Hmm, I think you can adjust the display at your laptop with zoom in/out? :)

Hi, Joel! Thanks for your compliment. And I'd love to get to know you better :)