Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I Love You.

I love you,
Not for the idiotic rivalries of the society.
Not for the pruriance consuming the flesh.

I love you,
Not because of the blindness of youth.
Not because of the rashness of the aging self.

I love you,
For the refined mind.
For the virtue in your nature.
For the deep well of longingness beneath your eyes.
For the beautiful soul lies within.

I love you,
Despite the flaws you've tripped into.
Despite your obnoxious behaviors.
Despite the darkest series of your life.
I love you:
for the man you wanna be, and for the the man you already are.

To those clear eyes and eloquent tongue,
To the soul made of fire, and the character that bends but does not break.
At once supple and stable, tractable and consistent.
To you, I will surrender my soul.

Pictures via Le Love


jak said...

Hihihii...i think i know for whom u wrote this poem...

one word....beautiful...

he have to read this Feb...send it to him heheheheee

Fé... said...

No comment, Jak. My lips are sealed! Lol...

blue said...

i loveee ur icon di side bar :)