Thursday, 2 July 2009

20 Things to Do on Your 20s

-in other words "before you get too old and left with no fun at all".
Channel a classic movie.
My current pile of DVD consists of Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, Gone With The Wind, etc. Nice blunder to escape nowadays monotone films :p

Buy a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a lace bra.
Already got the first item at home, the complete set. No idea what to do with them though, they all look the same!
A cordless drill? Anybody know where I can get one? Ace Hardware, I guess. How does it look? What is it for?
As for lace bra, you can't possibly think I would miss La Senza's sale...

Divorce toxic friends
Did to 3 people. Don't regret, don't feel a thing.
Apparently I'm not that sweet of a person :)

Use an alias for a day.
An interesting imagination just flash through my mind. Gotta try this soon.

Cook an impressive three-course meal for someone.
The list's getting tougher :p Related to cooking-stuff, the only thing I've done close to success is boiling water. I don't even have a clue on how to steam rice!

Learn how to successfully change a tyre.
Well, gotta resist the temptation to just call my driver or a friend the next time I got flat tyre :p

Break up with a man who you know is bad for you; similarly, have a fling with a guy who you know is bad for you!
Unfortunately, or fortunately.... I have experienced both, in say like 2 months period. Not a very pleasant experience I suppose, but totally worth it. Must-try life experience.

Volunteer to a charity you really care about.
Making a mental note at this very moment.

Go to an art gallery and buy an original piece of art.
This should be fun! All things that have "shopping activity" in it, I certainly love it!

Dine unaccompanied in a nice restaurant.
This point got its downsides, it's gonna be expensive; and with no mate to share food with... I hate having to finish up my whole meal.

Learn how to stand up for yourself when you receive poor customer service.
I just had this funny experience while going out for dim sum with my friends. One of them got really angry because the cashier made a wrong calculation.
It must be so much fun to act like a total bitch. Can't wait for the opportunity. But would my face be a supporting device? I don't think so...

Confess that (present or past) crush to a friend.
Uhmmm.... No comment. Should I, should I not?

Have a favourite book that isn't chick-lit.
I'm digging into Jane Eyre within these weeks. I've already got Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Anna Karenina and War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy.
Can't wait to devour them all and improve my writing skills.

Quit a job without having another lined up.
My favorite among all! Just quit HSBC last April; and as far as I'm concerned, it's one of the best decision I've ever made in my life! Viva Ex- HSBCers.

Have a one night stand (or more than one).
OoooPss.... I just knew this one's gotta be in the list.

Spend a whole pay packet on a pair of shoes.
I've done even better. twice pay packet for a clutch. No regret at all!

Live all by yourself for at least six months.
Longing for an opportunity to realize this one. Work on progress, hopefully all my efforts will pay-off in time -or soon.

Forgive someone who wronged you; apologize to someone you've betrayed.
My heart has always been too big for this small matters. Forgive and forget.

Try something you always said you'd never do.
So many improvements at this point. Looking forward to add more to my private list.

Wear an outrageously-sexy dress to a party.
As long as it's to the right place.... A particular bad memory kind of haunting me :D

Counting..... Gosh, I'm almost done with the list. Does this mean my fun 20s would soon be over? Should I shift to a more-responsible-30s?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fe', love this list! It's such a good reminder to live in the moment and to enjoy life. I've done a good portion of the list but the one that's newest to me and that I'm most loving is "Living Alone." Something I knew I always wanted to do, and I love it!!!

PS. I do want to hear about you starting your own biz...hope to follow in those foot steps. Have a great day!

jak said...

1 - watch Shawshank Redemption
7 - no comment lol
10 - how about watched movie in theater uncompannied
13 - hands down to ur books
14 - Viva! lol
18 - i like it -forgive and forget- cool!

Honestly, i want to make my version but i think this list is for girls.

Angie said...

Febee!im looking at ur blog,,tottally us!no.15,hmm,sounds nice,too bad we're in indo,hahah...nice one!

Ur blog is fine for me,just maybe its kind a hard to read for some people,considering the font..but overall,love it!hahaha^^

Fé... said...

"Living alone" is top-priority in my list, Crystal! Hopefully I can give you update soon about the new biz... Crossing-fingers things are on its course smoothly.

A movie recommendation coming from you Jak, I believe I wouldn't be sorry!
10 - Watching a movie unaccompanied is not counted Jak; try dining alone, more pressure and certainly more fun!
14 - Viva Ex-HSBCers!

Ngie, you read my mind.
14 - All time favorite! Best decision.
15 - Too bad we're in Indonesia.