Sunday, 26 July 2009

My Simple Wish....

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana:
Dengan kata yang tak sempat diucapkan
Kayu kepada api yang menjadikannya abu

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana:
Dengan isyarat yang tak sempat disampaikan
Awan kepada hujan yang menjadikannya tiada

An old poem by Sapardi Djoko Damono, (1989)

Picture via Captivate Me


Fenny said... this makes me wanna cry..hiks..hiks......
sooooo...rrroooommmmmaaaannnntttiiicccc..btw like ur blog design..nice...febe bgt...hhihihi..

Fé... said...

Me too, W... It's my favorite poem of all time! Simple, yet very deep. That's how LOVE's supposed to be for me :) I never knew that you are one romantic soul, always appears as a tough-smart girl!

Another "Febe banget" comment. LOL. Got it from Jak already. Yey, I have an image already! Could seriously create my own brand, yea?

Thanks for dropping by. Pay a visit another time, will you?