Sunday, 19 July 2009

{Play with LBD}

Fashion acts in the most subliminal way. You might just start shopping for summer pieces, but the runway has unfolded the new collection for fall. Think the season's floral trend. Before you know it, you've completely sold out your edge for a floral maxi and match those metallic pink sandals to a clutch. Bye-bye floral, welcome shinny silver!

Fashion trend comes and goes, but there would always be a special place in every girl's closet for the beloved LBD. A "little black dress" that always makes you feel pretty when you pose before a mirror. To which your confidence seems to be sticked to, so when you slip into it, you know you're gorgeous.

Yet, sometimes you might feel bored looking at the same style at the nook of the closet... Why don't you try mix and match it up for a new look?

Have fun!


jak said...

I miss "fashionable Films" section...I hate when i can't give a comment in ur blog coz i don't understand, lol :D

Fé... said...

Ur wish is my command :) Soon ya Jak... Be a little patient...