Thursday, 23 July 2009

Perfect Harmony:

People come and pass by in our lives.
Some linger a while and then leave, some others stay forever:
as friends, acquaintances, colleagues, hang-out buddies.
But at one fortunate juncture of time, you meet someone
who presses the play button in your paused-mode life...

The more I know him, the better I like him.
The intimacy has arisen so naturally and rapidly, there is a reviving pleasure in our intercourse -the pleasure arising from perfect congeniality of tastes, sentiments and principles.

Most people would have thought him ordinary,
yet there is so much unconscious pride in his port,
so much ease in his demeanor,
such a look of complete indifference to his own external experience,
so haughty a reliance on the power of other qualities,
intrinsic or adventituous,
to tone for the lack of mere personal attractiveness;
that in looking at him, one inevitably shares the indifference,
and even in a blind, imperfect sense put faith in the confidence.

He loves his sequestered vicinity.
He clings to this sphere with perfect enthusiasm of attachment.
I see the fascination and feel the consecration of his solitary.
The same attraction as for him -wound round my faculty the same spell that entraced his.
Such pure and sweet sources of pleasure.

I love spending time with him.
I like to read what he doesn't like to read.
He likes to listen to music that I don't like to listen.
Yet, what he enjoys, delights me;
what he approves, I reverences; and the other way around.

He is more accomplished than I am;
but with eagerness, he listens to what I have in heart and mind.
Thought fitted thought, opinion met opinion, emotions collide.

It is full satisfaction to converse with him in the evenings
what we have been through during the day.
We agree and alternately disagree equally well.
We conincide, in short, perfectly.

Though I am a defective being,
with many faults and few redeeming points.
He never tires of me,
nor ever ceases to cherish for me a sentiment of attachment,
as strong, tender and respectful as any that ever animated my heart.
In the same way, I can comprehend his feeling and accept both his strengths and weaknesses.

Our nature dovetailed:
mutual affection, of the strongest kind -was the result.
In our spirits, there is an affluence of life and passion, of us being together, certainty of flow; such as excited our wonders and baffled our comprehension.

Days pass like hours, weeks like days,

Pictures via Alomoda


Rey said...

Your writting is astonishing for non-native speaker. Just found very few choices of words that can be replaced with their synonim.
They're not wrong, but the sisters can fit better.
But this is completely understandable. Even I cant write that well. ;p

~Pel2~ said...

Hey sis....Wow!! I'm stupefied by your writing..It's so out of my league :P
Beautifully written, vividly conveyed, and utterly heart-rending! Gosh, I wish I could write like that. hehehe you should try to make it published or something...:) Btw, he's indeed extremely lucky to have someone who cherishes and appreciates his presence as much as you do. Likewise, I can say you are blessed for having experienced such a rare gift of love.
P.S: Make me your apprentice!!!

Fé... said...

Heyy... I'm not the one exceptionally admitted into Cambridge University!!! But well, compliments accepted in great delight. In fact, all these praises have gone beyond my limit, that my head's swollen twice its size by now, Pel.

I believe you're included in this "lucky and blessed flock", girl... All the best for you and Poo. I want it to work for you two, badly. It'll keep me clinging to the faith that there's actually a silly concept such as "soulmates". Lol.

Anyway both, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my writing, means a lot to me...

Anonymous said...

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