Tuesday, 28 July 2009

# Faces of the Moment

Japan's no.1. beauty magazine Request QJ magazine, featured a special tribute to photographer Richard Avedon who passed away on 1st October 2004, in form of editorial and cover shot by photographer Leslie Kee.

In this 44 pages feature, 22 supermodels took part, Anja Rubik, Fabiana Semprebom, Lisa Cant, Anna Barsukova, Anne V, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Lydia Hearst, Mariya Markina, Solange Wilvert, Lilianne Ferrarez, Polina Kouklina, Stella Tennant, Elise Crombez, Daiane Conterato, Marla Boehr, Julia Stegner, Cindy Crawford, Ilona Koudiene, Caroline Demarqui, Lily Cole, Aoki Devon and Heather Marks gracing the cover.

Ooops, plus, two lovely doggies Danny & Teddy, completing the edit artwork were photographed by artwork designer Ryan Chan.

Magazine: Request - QJ magazine
Issue: October 2008
Photography and art direction: Leslie Kee
Website: www.lesliekeesuper.com

Pictures via Design Scene


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! I lovvve Anja so much! I cut all my hair off to look like her! haha!

I am so sorry your ex is moving. :-( I would be really sad if my ex moved away from me. We are best friends. That is so sad that he is leaving right before your birthday, and you don't know when you will see him again. Maybe things will work out to where you guys will be able to talk a lot, so you wont feel so far away from him. I know what you mean by knowing it isn't meant to be, but you still cherish the friendship more than anything else. I am the same way with my ex! I will talk about him in another blog some time! I hope things work out!!

I just wrote a new blog about Quilty, he has not seen me post-op yet. I don't know why, I am really nervous to see him again.

Fé... said...

Hi Dear...

Been kinda missing you. Thanks for your kind advice. Surely, things will work out, one way or another. I believe that :)

Can't wait to drop by your blog and peruse another episode of Quilty. Will get back to you soon. Hoping the best for you!

Anonymous said...

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