Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Main Thing:

July has arrived and unpacked before June even has the chance to make her elegant exit. It kind of scares me to realize how time elapses...

I roused to the first day of July with the fret that I had taken to bed with. It was still there, like a toothache. I have always been tarrying myself off-bed everyday; plunging into series of errands or just calling up friends to hang out. My periods of reflection has always been brief and infrequent.

But this morning, I felt weighted. I spent a little more time in silence, contemplating on my journey to date since the first day of 2009. Recollecting my achievements and downfalls, I started with a smile but faded gradually as I reached the more recent occurrences. I've been losing myself a bit lately.

When matters got all jumbled-up, it helps to entangle it all and keep only the main thing. "The Main Thing is to Keep The Main Thing". The question follows soon-after. What's the main thing in my life?

All the way through life, simply be true to yourself. In everything you do, just be you, the best of you. It's enough. You cannot live your life looking from someone else's point of view...

Be creative in every aspect of your life. Explore every interest, every talent. Apply them all abundantly, generously. Life is about coloring your white paper and others; on the other way around letting people do the same. At the end of the day, you'll be surprise to find what a wonderful painting you have on your piece of paper...

Do everything you have to do, do everything you want to do and do everything you're afraid to do. Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone. When you are at the last day of your living on earth, reminiscing your journey; make sure you feel satisfied to have been alive and have been living it to its fullest.

Stepping into July's threshold, I'm holding these three main things close to my breast.

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Boubou said...

Hello !
First time i come across your blog so i'm gonna visit it now :)
well if you wanna be check out my collages incpirations, come and visit my Blog Boubouteatime :)
a bientot!
Boubou xx

Plush Palate said...

Lovely blog! I feel the did July already come upon us???

jak said...

i feel like i will enter this month like the previous one...(i feel so boring lately) but ur post give a positive input for me.

Yes, july...i want to do better things (family, job, blog, service, friends) in July.

remember to put frentastic (july 19-20) on ur agenda hahahaaa..

Nefo said...

cool.. nice feb... postive input .

blue said...

been soo hectic lately..baru sempet hr ini baca i post mu satu2..:)
semuanya BAGUSS...but i love this post the most....
*walopun telat baru mid july bacanya...*
tapi post ini buat ak terdiam bbrp menit abis baca...

this post made me thinking about my life..
I ♥ ur 3 points..somehow it refreshes my soul and my mind.
cause sometimes due to the hectic deadline.
I sacrifice creativity to be productive
(asal kerja..pokokny brosur pesenan selesai :p)
or I sacrifice productivity to be creative
(kerjanya lambat kayak siput...smp diomeli klien)

Idealistic or Realistic..?

Reading this made me understand that the answer is
to balance both of it. Be creative as well as productive :)

thank youuuu ♥

Fé... said...

Hi Boubou, nice to meet you & thanks for dropping by my website. Will definitely visit your blog and your colleagues, which I believe is full of inspirations. Till next time...

PlushPalate, thanks... I visited your place and spotted my blog on your link list. Thanks a lot! It's such an honor to be recognized my a beautiful blogger such as you are! It'll surely motivate me to keep writing and improving.

Jak, Nefo & Blue, so glad that my writing can be inspiring. But to be honest, I got it from last Sunday Service's Preach by Philip Mantofa. LOL! I got inspired at the 1st place & decided that I must share it with others. Let's make the most of July, guys!