Wednesday, 8 July 2009

But you promised,

I had an appointment with a friend this morning. She showed up late and I got very pissed off, having to re-schedule the rest of the day's time table. How annoying! But then again I realized how as often I've done the same thing to other people. Honestly, let's take a minute to think: Have you ever...

• Promised to deliver something by a set date and later regretted it?
• Volunteered for a job you had no idea would take so long?
• Agreed to a deal that looked great but wasn't?
• Accepted an invitation you wish you hadn't?

Eventually, we all learn by experience a basic law of life: It's always easier to get in than get out!

There are three common commitment traps:
1. The Money Trap:
It's always easier to get into debt than out of debt!
It's always easier to borrow than to pay it back.
2. The Partnership Trap:
It's always easier to get into a relationship, than to get out of one!
3. The Time Trap:
It's always easier to fill your schedule than to fulfill it!
You can get so many irons in the fire that you put out the fire!

The solution: Remember -don't make rash vows.
In other words, choose your commitments carefully; think before you speak; under-promise and over-deliver. With this, you'll build a reputation as a person of your word.


jak said...

I cannot agree more with this post, Feb (i use it!) lol...i often experienced this situation..same with u, i hate it...when someone cannot fulfill his/her promise...

I was trying so hard so I won't do the same thing to others. But in fact, that's hard...I was stressed by myself when i couldn't do that, even they said "it's ok".

Now, i learn...i don't want to make a promise easily..if i have to make one, i will make sure 100% that i can accomplish that promise =)

blue said...

i hadddd febbb all of those four things
this is so insightful!
currently, i am volunteering for a design job..and i passed my deadline already..i feel uneasy with them >_<..feel guilty's not that i second prioritize it but really i never thought that it would be that much.. rushing to finish it asap...

ya..jak was right :)
i try to really 2 think first before i made a promise..

i ♥ this post!

Fé... said...

Ciayo guys! Let's strive together to be people of our word... :)