Monday, 11 January 2010

{Workwear Fashion}

When it comes to workplace attire, it doesn't always have to be "DRESS-CODE OVERRULES FASHION". There are days when only a sharp shoulder will do, days when you can't bear wear black. Have you ever had those days?

When I worked as a bank-employee a while ago, I realized there's a fine line between "office appropriate" and "boring". You may want to project an air of gravitas, but it's also important to show your personality. I've learned to pick pieces that are what I call "ready-styled" and have one design element that makes them interesting:

A tailored jumpsuit?
A great pair of high heels?
A high-waist?
An unexpected patterned or bright, well-cut piece?
The latest nail-polish colors?

Well, whatever it is, add a piece of your personal style to a restrictive or dictated work palette. It peps it up and gives a nod to who I really am.

Pictures via Anja Rubik


Susan said...

awww... I so really not looking forward to Monday! :)
have a lovely week, xoxo

Emily said...

Love all of these...I would wear any of them to work! classic looks.

Olivia Liem said...

Dearie, thanks thanks thanks for this post :) Love it so..I've been having a hard time choosing what to wear to office, and it's getting more and more boring..THIS post is an inspiration..Love all the looks :) Happy Monday!!

Valen-CIA said...

wahh... cool!!!!
what if blazer in no.1 & 3 is combined with style no.2 (without the blazer)...
i think it's really cool and comfortable!
but most like is style no.5! sneakers @ work! :D

Couture Carrie said...

Love these looks!
Fab post!


Fé... said...

Ha3 :D Susan, what an attitude!