Monday, 25 January 2010

DID Situation?

(read: Damsel in Distress Situation)

Are you currently amidst this situation?
or have been huddling in it for some time?
Waiting for your prince charming to save the day?
Maybe, just maybe that's unnecessary...

This "stolen" piece from I'm Writing, You're Reading could be quite an enlightment. I find it delighting... Maybe you would too...

Your inner landscape.
Imagine it like an actual physical landscape.

And feelings you have..
those are just clouds, little puffs of nothing.
Small solitary objects that aren't connected to their surroundings.
They just float.

See them and name them.
Fear. Frustration. Aversion. Uncertainty.

Don't wish them away.

Let them be
the small solitary unconnected floating puffs
of nothing
that they can be.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hmmmm....very thought provoking & insightful.

Olivia Liem said...

wow Fe, I really don't know how you come up with all this wonderful thoughts, concepts, and ideas..It's such a delight and fun to read all your posts..Just want to inform you this..You got talent girl!

btw, the new post is up..foodie label, hehe..

laurel.bis said...

lástima no poder seguir tus comentarios...hablo solo francés y español!!intuyo que tienen mucha ironía!!sigo tu blog igualmente...

Susan said...

wonderful thoughts, darling. love reading your posts.

jak said...

I have to read twice to understand this (and still not completely understand)but i agree with Olive..u really prepare ur post..even the image, u chose it carefully! keep on do this Feb!!

>Olive - Foodie Label? Oh no...i havent had my lunch yet (gawat) :D

Fé... said...

It's actually very easy to do, Live. I love collecting all pictures and quotes I love. Just keep it in my hard disk. And one day you read or write a piece, an expression of your feeling. And you just know it matches the pictures! Voila, a great post!

Jak.... Really, it's as simple as this lho.
Anggep aja what's inside our heart itu kaya physical landscape. Semua feeling yang kita rasa itu kaya awan-awan kecil di angkasa. Awan itu kan cuma sebongkah barang kecil, ngga berpengaruh secara signifikan ke keseluruhan landscape di sekitarnya. Cuman floating doank. Let's see them, name them. Macem, macem tuh. Ada fear. frustration. etc, etc. Ga usah wish them away. Ntar malah ga asyik tuh. Biarin aja awan-awan itu jadi floating object yang ga significant. It makes your life colorful and exciting, tapi ga effect your life :)

jak said... i know! what an idea!! if want to do this, we need a good imagination ya :D