Saturday, 30 January 2010

{Accesorize Up!}

What's the latest and most exclusive handbag?
What's the must-have accessory of the season?
It's probably as precious as a proper pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos:

Yippie, it's a puppy.
Dogs are no longer relegated to cramped quarters in the backyard or cats shooed away at dinner. They are the It-bag instead.

The idea of pets as accessories has been promoted profusely in movies and television shows in recent years, beginning with the character Elle Woods' Chihuahua, Bruiser, in the film Legally Blonde. Audiences were charmed -if not a bit repulsed, in an endearing sort of way, by the tiny dog's pink patent leather rain coats, matching hats and Tiffany necklace.

So next time you're stepping out of the house to hang-out, don't forget to bring your little friend. After all, it's the most chic accessories these days!

Pictures via Coco's Tea Party


Olivia Liem said... true..And another one is a cup of take-away starbucks :)

Love Naomi's pups :)

Victoria Lorraine said...

hahaa! I love this post, so true. Love your blog, I'll follow.

Susan said...

have a sweet day, xoxo

Fé... said...

Yea, Live! Fashion accessories that taste great. What more could you expect? I'm addicted to its Green Tea Frappuchino + chocolate chips and no whip cream :p

Wow, thanks Victoria.

The other way around as well, Susan darling. It's always a pleasure to see your comments