Thursday, 14 January 2010

I prefer...

Have you ever been to a place,
but wished you were some place else?
Have you ever done something
but wished you were doing something else?
Have you ever been with someone
but secretly wished you could be with someone else?

How well do you know yourself, really?

This sweet piece I found at Miscellany of Moi could be a great start,
for a conversation with yourself...

I prefer a nice quiet hot bath at home,
it's better than being hurled around crowd places full of seedy people.

I prefer to read a novel with a genre which appeals to me,
it’s better than watching some reality TV programme where A - Z list casts are acting.

I prefer to work within a busy environment where cash is flowing,
it’s better than a fixed schedule around the same staff where progression is non-existent.

I prefer to snuggle on a sofa with my closest friends,
it's better than showing up at a hot event surrounded by A-list socialites of the town.

I prefer to attach myself with sincere, straightforward people,
it's better than filtered-truth hidden from you by so-called-friends.

I prefer to wear what I like and not be succumbed by the designer labels,
it’s better to be individual and where the unlikely event of wearing the same outfit as your mates will occur.

I prefer to be me,
it’s better.


Susan said...

love this post.
have a lovely weekend, xoxo

SogniSorrisi said...

What a lovely post and great photos. Happy weekend!

jak said...

"I prefer to be me, it's better!"

That's cool Feb!!'s always gr8 when we can make a piece of writing from our experience and i envy you for that rite now T__T i'm in the writer's block. Hope it will be over soon hehehee...

Sara said...

that was was beautiful to read :)

litttledarling said...

I really love ur blog, it's really good!!xx

Fé... said...

Jak, you're not ready the tag. It's "Stolen Inspiration". So the writing didn't really come out of my head. I found it and kinda stole it :p I had this writer's block as well. I simply can't write the way I used to. Those flowery words are all gone... What should I do? Ha3. I think I need "that desperation" again?

Sara...!!! Been missing you... It's so good to have you back! Thanks for remembering to visit my place :)

Oh geez, little darling, thanks for the kind compliment.

jak said...

u dont need the desperation lol..dont! what happen with these writer's blocks? tell me the cure if u can figure it up :D