Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sonia Rykel, Touch of Magic

Thank goodness for Sonia Rykiel. The Paris legend resuscitated what was becoming a bleak season (blame the markets) with a 40th-anniversary dinner-and-show party. The show goes down in this reporter's notebook as the most spontaneously exuberant and genuinely fun fashion event in recent history.

By the time three models vamped their way down the elevated runway in metallic silver-and-black striped sweaters and skirts, the runway was soon covered in flowers the color of Rykiel's dresses. Nothing could have stopped the girls from breaking into a dance party when they came out again in taffeta mini dresses. A few even conga-lined it straight into the audience. Happy returns, indeed.

Pictures via Coco's Tea Party


CL, said...

happy new year fé, :) i love all the brilliant colours! the magenta especially, i have a thing for fuschia/magenta lately! by the way, that wasn't actually lily d in the vogue nippon editorial you comment on! it's actually bregje heinen, they look SO similar! X O X O

Fé... said...

Happy new year to you too, CL! :) Ooops, really? Pardon my mistake then... Hi3.

Jess said...

"hey THANKS for dropping by!!! (:"