Wednesday, 20 January 2010


There I've said it.
What's really inside my head.
Now leave me alone.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

I agree with this.......alot.

Valen-CIA said...

I'll give you time and space.
To be alone.

But I won't leave you.

Sasha B. said...

love the quote. i can really relate.

xoxo black n gold a la mode

bee said...

there are times we're not okay, and we need time to be alone. to think about the matter.

as for me, i need to talk my feelings to my Daddy. to pour it out and relieved, then think about the matter carefully, call a friend, and i'll be fine :)

jak said...

I've read a quote in says "People often lie when they say they are fine"

So many people are not fine these days...That's why we need God =)

Anonymous said...

yeah! leave me alone parents!!! jajajjaja many kisses beutiful!

Susan said...

oh yes... but one wouldn't tell to anyone about it...
and that's how we live.

Fé... said...

Thanks a million, Valen... :) Really, really means a lot to me.

I really know what you mean, Noor. I scream that a lot (inside my head) though. Hi3.

I think we really should try saying this truth out-loud, Susan. Otherwise, annoying people would keep asking and asking. And your blood just boils at the top of your head! :p

Peace, everybody!!!! I'm sorry for the burst of emotion here. I just needed a space to spill all those emotions out. Then I was totally fine again :D