Sunday, 24 January 2010

7th Heaven

Words simply cannot do justice to the experience. The feeling you get when you see the smiles on the face of your family members. In my case, mom and dad, plus three younger sisters.

It's real joy.
It's indescribable.

"Nobody ever stays in a bad mood for too long in my family.
You're teased and taunted till you come out of it.
No mercy, only the strong survives."

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Tuesdai Noelle said...

Genius concept. And true indeed, you can't stay mad forever...gotta LOVE the family (I can never stay mad) :)

Tuesdai Noelle said...

btw, i loving the dress in the 3rd photo, very sharp :)

Susan said...

good for you... having a great family must be gorgeous!
have a sweet day, xoxo

Jos said...

let's be thankful for the family we have!
and pursue to become a good family later in the future :)

Olivia Liem said...

love this post! and I'm really grateful that I have a family that is so loving, like yours..

btw, I'm loving all the dresses there, gorgeous!

bee said...

LOL sounds gr8 :) in my family, if u're in the bad mood, they'll leave u till u're in a better mood.

Fé... said...

Well girls, everybody's posting about their family lately. Tuesdai Noelle said some words about sisters.

Olive's talking about a great Christmas spent with her lovely family. And another great news of her engagement.

I think I've got to share a little about my fam :)

Wanna follow guys?

juicy j said...

beautiful people.
llove this shooot.

hub said...

no trace of ecstasy in my family.
everyone's pretty much in silence.
doesn't mean we're not happy though.

ow, and by the way,
my name is hub.
your blog is beautifully arranged.