Thursday, 31 December 2009

Let's Open Doors!

Dear 2009,
Thank you for having summarized for me a marvelous year!

At the threshold of yet another beginning,
I'm recalling my previous contemplation at the exact time last year.
My resolution was
"I want to feel everything there is to feel, in this world."

And looking back, I think I really am leaving 2009 with great accomplishments. I've gone through a lot, it's far from a boring year.

2009 was about discovering myself.
Who I really am, what I want, where I'm heading.
Now, I'm fully loaded to surf through 2010.

Of course, I had my shares of failures and disappointments, heart-breaks and pains... But I'm not letting them stand on my way...

2010 is the year of transforming life!

Resolution: Open every door you come across, one after another.
Never stop.

So, let's get excited to flounce into the new year, with style of course (read: fashionable outfits)! Welcome 2010.


Dream ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Wow! lucky to have that accomplishment. Congratulations.

Barry said...

Hi Fe, I like this! It's very hopeful. :)

You asked me to tell you five things about myself. Here are some:

1) I'm 44 and still on a journey of self-discovery. (I can tell you it never ends, we'll change throughout our lives but that can be a very good thing depending on what those changes are)

2) I'm a hopeless romantic

3) I love discovering things about people, whether it's someone I've just met or known for years

4) I think one of the most attractive features on a person is their eyes.

5)I love to travel, although my wife and I haven't done much lately

Anything else you want to know?

Anonymous said...

beautiful words! I like the changes! ♥ :)

iheartkiwi said...

Happy New Year my dear!

Here's to open doors in 2010. I love it.

Fé... said...

Ha3. That's cool of you to come to my place and spill out some things about you, Barry. More than enough for the time being :) I'll find out more about you in the future!

Yovani Turner said...

great post :)