Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Cocoa Cravings

What holiday sweets can be more delicious than this...?
Dip into the devilish delights of chocolate and experience the notorious deadly spell it has on us.
Chocolate is my latest superfood!!!
(It's especially a good cure for monday-stress)

FYI, coco lovers:
Chocolate is actually good for health?

It is true that cocoa plant is packed with antioxidants including flavanols, which have been shown to have an aspirin-like effect on the blood. BUT, don't get all too excited. It is fine if we just eat raw cocoa, but as it's pretty bitter and unpalatable, fat and sugar is mixed in to make it something we actually enjoy eating. Gotcha!

So, though chocolate is the only food that melts at body temperature, thus gives an appealing "mouth feel" as it delivers that delicious sugary taste. Stop at the 3rd pick, I suggest. Sounds like a sweet deal?

But of course, there's always this excuse... What is a few calories if you can be this happy? After all, how could a girl survive an awful day without yet another bar of chocolate?


Valen-CIA said...

hahahaa... statement in latest photo is hillarious.. :D
btw, i can live withouth chocolate, but not without chocolate milk.. does that still mean the same? :D

April said...


Fé... said...

Hmm... does it really matter? We both love chocolate, Valen!