Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Burberry Classic Perfume

...designed specifically to symbolize they busy city lifestyle. One famous face that promoted it, Rachel Weisz.

Burberry Classic perfume.
It is a very fresh and crisp combination that is very inviting to the nose. It has a tender, but sweet, aroma that is as much warming as it is cool. This Burberry Perfume features honeysuckle, Clementine, top notes of rose, peony, lower and jasmine. It also has base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

The bottle that the Burberry fragrance comes in is very sophisticated. The bottle itself has a sample of the famous Burberry design placed around the main area of the bottle which leaves the top uncovered. The famous Burberry design is tartan in material that is cloth.

Burberry classic perfume has hints of sweetness that carry it into the truly classic collection that it was made to be. It is a fragrance that you can wear anywhere.


jak said...

Feb, pic nya itu kamu yang design di adobe apa emang promonya burberry...really like that kind of style!! really classy and cool!!

Fé... said...

:p This time it's not my masterpiece Jak. It's Burberry's. Ha3.

pheromone advantage said...

The perfume bottle is often meant to be a physical representation of the perfume. Keep posting guys!