Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hi, I'm Violet!

I visited a friend's website the other day and found this interesting aura color test. In need to kill time, I took it just for fun but got shocked by the prevailing result. I was busted... The test unveiled my inner-self.

My Aura Color is VIOLET.
Violets are the inspirational visionaries, leaders who are here to help save the planet. Most Violets feel drawn to inspire higher ideals or to improve the quality of life on the planet, or to help save people and the environment.

All Violets have an inner sense that they are here to do something important, that their destiny is greater than that of the average person. As children, many Violets imagined becoming famous, or traveling the planet, possibly joining humanitarian causes such the Peace Corp. Many of these charismatic personalities take on roles as leaders, while others prefer to reach people through music, film or other art form.

Because this era is currently the "Violet Age," any Violets who are not accomplishing what they came here to do are experiencing an inner “push” — that shakes them up and pushing them to move into action, to fulfill their life purpose. Violets know they are here to do something significant, though they aren't always sure what that something is or how to accomplish it.

It's important for Violets to reconnect with their life purpose and vision, and to take action. Otherwise they will always feel unfulfilled, sensing something is missing from their lives. Violets need to learn to slow down long enough to listen to their inner voice and to connect with their higher vision.

Give it a shot, probably you'll find your alter-ego or a-long-forgotten part of you...

Picture via Design Lovely


Tracey said...

How interesting...both the idea of the test and your results!!

Sounds like you're destined to do a lot of good in this wonderful!

:) T

jak said...

Loo u have posted this one before kan? if im not mistaken..but will test my aura color through ur link...thanks Feb =)

Fé... said...

Excellent memory, Jak ;) Now this is what you call loyal reader. Yep. I posted it back in July. I don't know what I'm feeling right now, thus experiencing another writer's block. I re-read my old articles and felt like re-posting it :p

valen-cia said...

"haii.. thanks 4 dropping by to my home.. :) and brings lots of respond.. i don't know clearly what are you xperiencing now.. Is it the same like me?" coz from ur comment.. u seem like know whad i feel and thought and experience.. :D anyway.. wb and keep on sharing..