Thursday, 24 December 2009

Do you believe in Fate?

Sometimes fate throws two lovers together,
only to rip them apart.
Sometimes a hero finally makes the right decision,
but the timing is wrong.
And timing is everything.
-Gossip Girl

I am not at all a superstitious girl. I judge current events upon solid facts and make careful considerations for every decision I'm about to make. But somehow, sometimes I find myself believing in fate. There are several matters in life in which no matter how hard you try, you'll just end up banging the wall over and over again.

Fate is "If something's not meant for you, it'll slip away from you anyway...". So, let go of what's not yours, the best would come in time?

Pictures via People Magazine


April said...

I'm not sure I agree with this or not, but I respect it. :)

Valen-CIA said...

...So, let go of what's not yours, the best would come in time?....

really lovveeee that statement Fe!
hit me so much!

I believe in that kind of fate.
Fate= His own best time, His own best plan.

thanks for posting this!
now it's your turn.. encouraging me! ;)

jos said...

hi fe... allow me put ur blog to my blogroll kay?

jos said...

oh ya... hi... forgot the greeting ^^

Fé... said...

Never mind the greeting :) Whoa, that's such an honor to be placed in your blogroll... I just doubt your readers read my girly-fashion stuff. Hihihi.

jos said...

i'll read ;)

Fé... said...

Huahahaha, you've gotta be kidding Jos. Read one of my post and let me know what you think :p

Anonymous said...
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