Monday, 28 December 2009


The world defines freedom as a life without any restraint:
Do anything I want to do;
Say anything I want to say,
without anybody telling me 'Yes' or 'No.'

Like the song "My Way":
Everybody got burned by me, but I did it my way!
I had my freedom!
Is it really true?

I recently discover that real freedom is
freedom from fears

Where you're truly free from worry,
because you've done your best today
and you believe tomorrow holds hopeful future.

Where you're truly free from bitterness,
because you've accepted all the pains hurting your heart
and forgiven all those responsible

Where you're free to quit pretending,
because you're free to be yourself...


April said...

I'll have to admit my love of freedom is one reason I have incredible trust issues. I always want to do what I want, not in a selfish way, but in a this-is-what's-best-and-healthiest-for-me kind of way, and I'm afraid of other people hindering that.

bee said...

i agree with the definition of freedom from fear, fe :) for me, i have a freedom to be who i really am coz i know who i am now in Christ. He gave me a fresh new beginning, so i am free to quit pretending :)

jak said...

"free to be myself and free to quit pretending" i'll keep that in my mind so i will thank for that every time; i feel and live like that because of (only) God's grace. Because of Christ, i know who i am and i love who i am =)

Fé... said...

Ha3. You're so me, April deary. I never listen to people. Even though the whole world oppose me, if I think it's right. Hell, I'm doing it. But lately I kinda find a virtue that sometimes I need to humbly listen to people's advices as well. But of course still being myself :)

I do have the impression that you're a very strong girl. Smart as well I suppose. You'll find the balance between freedom and submission to certain things!

Yeah, Bee. Without Him, anything is not possible. You'll always live under the shadows of fear! How lucky we are then that we're freed.

I am striving for that Jak. Let's keep walk hand-in-hand as friends yah :) You've been such a helpful hand. Where would I be without our friendship...