Monday, 7 December 2009

# Alexa Takes Manhattan

There is an effortless 'I really didn't bother vibe' to everything Alexa wears and a laid-back, London street chic vibe infuses her entire wardrobe. Lucky girl! With this post, I'm officially expressing my love for the one-of-a-kind Brit girl...

Alexa Chung, who made her name in the entertainment industry through her jobs as a television host/presenter, actress and model, is originally from Privett, Hampshire where she was born to an English mother and Chinese father.

She came to New York to save MTV and became her generation’s smartest, coolest, and most-talked-about talk show host in the process. Now that’s a big build up.

Although America may have adopted our style icon temporarily, we’re pretty sure she’s still a London lass: “I don’t really have any friends in America…I just don’t tolerate douche bags,” she said. We’re glad to see she hasn’t changed.

And despite her shooting success over here and in the US, the TV presenter confesses she still gets nervous: “I’m worried my guests won’t like me,” admitted Alexa, who recently had a Mulberry bag named after her – fashion’s ultimate seal of approval, non?

Don’t worry Alexa –I love you.


Valen-CIA said...

aaaaaa...... i also love her soo much!!!!
love her casual-effortless-street style...
loose shirt, short, stocking, legging.. :) :)
Unfortunately.. wearing that kind of style in Surabaya is bit of weirdo.. :(

Amanda Lalique said...

I love her tyle... She always looks glamorously undone in an effortless way


Fé... said...

That makes the three of us, then (and I think millions other Alexa's fans :p). Hahahaha.