Friday, 20 November 2009

{Easy Luxe}

As seen at Chloe, MaxMara and Stella McCartney, go for Easy Luxe. It's a breezy and relaxed everyday-look style!

KeY piEceS:
Definitely a coat or an oversized jacket. Camel is a huge trend, but you could opt for taupe, grey or navy. All of these colors will look fresher than black.

Start with a great handbag -anything equestrian detailing is good, or with a shoulder strap you can sling over your body. Also go for boots in a neutral color.

The key is not to look too "done". It's all about looking unstyled and expensive, but in a cool way -Chloe Sevigny meets Hermes is a good starting point.

Best fashion advice for 2010:
"Mix it up and don't look like you're trying too hard!"


Sasha b. said...

Love this look!

xoxo black n gold a la mode

Anonymous said...

I like this looks! sooo cutes! besoooo

Fé... said...

Great for day-to-day Sasha.

Noor, I'm all curious. What is "beso" in English?