Wednesday, 11 November 2009

What Do You Think?

I've just been opening up
about all the questions and pains I have in my heart to a friend.
It might have the possibility to ruin our relationship forever.
But somehow I feel truly serene...

I have no regret at all.
It's something I've got to do.

Pictures via bluquote


Olivia Liem said...

That's a good question..But I think both hurts, since both involves regret..Before making decision I always make sure that I won't regret the decision I make..
So for your case, it's good if you have no regret :) and I think you've made a good decision there..

jak said...


Fé... said...

There's no both in the option. You're supposed to pick one, guys. That's why I was asking in the first place :p

Anyway, thanks for your continuous support for me. It's not that easy to always stick by me. Sometimes I can be very annoying, don't you think Jak? I'm asking you because you've got first-hand experience. Ha3 :D