Sunday, 1 November 2009

a Lil Reminder for Me

Never settle for anything less than love.
-Francois Fenelon

In the end, it’s still best to wait for the one you want,
rather than settle for what’s available.

It’s still best to wait for the one you love,
rather than to settle for the one who’s around.

It’s still best to wait for the right person,
because life’s too short to waste on the wrong one.


jak said...

true true true

truly wish u all the best, Feb!!

Olivia Liem said...

Agree with you completely..
Been there, done that, and outta there!! hehe

Finding the one that is trully for us is worth all the waiting :)

Antonio Barros said...

True!!! Everybody should read that!!!!

Fé... said...

Thanks for the kind lil affection, guys! Enormously happy to have you around. Where would I be without you :)