Thursday, 5 November 2009

Brooding Over You...

I had come in lower spirit than usual, recently...
The ebb was occasioned by a poignantly felt disappointments.

Perhaps you think I've forgotten him,
amidst these changes of places and time.
Not for a moment, his idea was still with me
Because it was not a vapor sunshine could disperse,
Nor a sand traced effigy storms could wash away.
It was a name graven on a tablet,
fated to last as long as the marble it inscribed.

The craving to know what had become of him followed me everywhere,
I sought my parlor each night to brood over it.


Olivia Liem said...

Girl, I'm happy to see you back here..But in lower spirit? r u okay? hope everything is better now? btw this piece, apart of having you as the main role inside, is painfully beautiful. I know how it feels to have his name engraved on my heart, when the person himself is..gone.. It might be there to stay,you might not forget him, but as time goes by it will be just a name of a person.. And you'll be over him..cheer up, k? *Big Hugs*

Fé... said...

I'm totally fine, darling. Thanks, thanks, thanks for your concerns. It's just a piece I wrote a while ago while I was deeply missing someone. It just gets the opportunity to be posted :)

Anonymous said...

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