Wednesday, 4 November 2009

# City Girl, Olivia Palermo

Now, we don't really know Olivia Palermo. Maybe she's annoying. Maybe she stole your boyfriend. Maybe she's a rare gem who's been clawed and scratched at by the queen bees of the giant high-school cafeteria that is the New York social scene. We don't care, really.

Because at the end of the day, she had the stones to show up at an event -- the Dressed to Kilt fashion show -- that was chock full of the e-mail's recipients and the people who no doubt gobbled up every written word about her supposed ignominy, and she didn't flinch.

Here's the secret dreamworld of Olivia Palermo:

Age: 21

Who's the daddy?
Olivia's mother is an interior decorator
and her father is a real-estate developer.

Where does the money come from?
Family money meant that Olivia was a shoo-in
to the mercenary world of Manhattan society.

Interesting fabulousness:
Short-lived reign as New York's new It-girl,
now gets the sympathy vote
for having been the subject of so much bitching.

Key look: Italian-American princess.

Although Olivia Palermo is one of NYC's most photographed and most talked-about citizens as of late, super style web site failed to add her on the "people that matters" list. Oops, bad news for her...


jak said...

Hey, that room looks so cozy...wondering can spent whole day sitting on that chair...

Fé... said...

For me it's more chic and cozy, Jak. Bean bag is a lot cozier, or just lying on the floor watching TV :p