Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Why are We not Together?

My dear sweetheart,
What a terrible and awful thing absence is!
I tell myself that half of my existence and happiness is in you;
that for all the distance that divides us,
our hearts are united by indissoluble bonds.

Yet my own rebels against destiny,
and in spite of the pleasures and distractions that surround me,
I cannot overcome a certain secret sadness,
which I have sensed at the bottom of my heart ever since our separation.

Why are we not together as we were last summer?


Kimolisa said...

Welcome back, I missed your posts.

Anna said...

what a lovely post. love is quite complicated and at times, your heart hurts, but have faith that all will come together just as it is meant to!
hugs to you!

Antonio Barros said...

Don't be sad! :)

Fé... said...

Thanks a lot, Kim & Antonio. It really means a lot.

Always easier said than done, Anna. Sometimes, during those dark hours your simply lose your faith. But I'm struggling to cling on Hope these days :) I think I shall be fine.