Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Vivienne's Digital Clutch

This mini notebook designed by noted fashion designer Vivienne Tam for HP is called the world's first digital clutch.

It comes in this beautiful red and purple peony design. The keyboard letters are done in gold; the enter key is the Chinese symbol for double happiness.

It comes with its own embroidered Vivienne Tam sleeve to protect the outside while you carry it like a clutch. This chic little laptop has looks and brains, with Tam's stunning design on the outside and HP technology on the inside.

At $700, it is a great idea for the woman who is passionate about fashion and technology. It was even unveiled at Tam's fashion show during New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

I like alot; simply fashionably unqiue. And I love that it can appear as a purse (so to speak)

Melissa Blake said...

What a beautiful blog!! xoxo

Susan said...

too colorful for me :)
have a sweet day, xoxo

mumbles said...

i would like a mac when if buy a laptop

yours is a nice one
never seen it

Valen-CIA said...

hahaha! I've seen this one!
Miss Felicia Goenawan, my lecturer *now the dean of my Faculty, had brought it last year.

And at that time i didn't know who Vivienne Tam was... :D

Fé... said...

I don't even know the specifications of the notebook. But it really doesn't matter. In love already with the design :p

Ha3. Yeah Mumbles, the simplicity and the color of a Mac is all time. I would say it's a classic in techno gadget. I love Mac as well.

Now you know, Valen :p