Wednesday, 29 December 2010

One Last Piece of Advice:

So many people have no clue of what they want.
They don't think independently, merely following what everyone else is doing.
I admire people with a sense of independence, who stand firm on their beliefs.

Calculated "authenticity" is inauthentic.
Trying to appear authentic is role playing, the opposite of true authenticity.
Since culture determines what's currently "cool", you can't be cool and counter-culture. You must choose side.
Trying to be cool tells everyone you are a follower.

The same principle applies in fashion:
You don't wear what other people are wearing.
You create your own style and set the trend.
Style is actually a state of mind.
You're so confident about what you're wearing that others start doubting themselves.


nano said...

like ur blog,interesting!!!)

Sweet_but_Deadly said...

so true. love every word of this.

Abbey said...

I guess some people are just followers and some people are trendsetters.