Monday, 20 December 2010

The Corinthian Club


Presenting the ever fluctuating Corinthian Club located in the heart of Glasgow... The Glasgow Ship Bank was built in 1843 and ranks high on the city’s most intricate and ornate buildings list. And now, millions of pounds later, the establishment has opened its doors again to become the epitome of classic brilliance and new beauty.

The Corinthian Club features a casino, hotel suites, bars, restaurants, meeting rooms, and press rooms. This grand, Victorian former bank is now all about fine food at affordable prices. Ideally situated in the center of Glasgow, The Corinthian Club is always abuzz with activity.

Enter and you'll find bars to your left and right, above and below - a myriad of bar styles, including 30s cocktail and girlie boutique all feature, each providing something new and unique. We ate in the grand and majestic banking hall, which is now knows as the Tellers Bar and Brasserie. The ceilings soars and is framed by the most amazing cornicing and ornate plasterwork. Modern touches are fused with the building’s original decedent glamor. The restaurant below is replete with beautiful bays and cozy winged seating surrounding a central bar - the lively hubbub is both exciting and welcoming.

The ostentatious Victorian architecture - as well as a host of quirky touches - ensures that The Corinthian Club provides a feast for your eyes as well as your palate. So If you feel like getting dressed up and going to a place where you can have a cocktail, dinner, and then dance -all under one roof, then come here. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Thanks so much for your comment re: my absence, it really made me smile and I'm so glad that you still come by and read my little blurbs :D

Fé... said...

You're very welcome, ED dear, but then again the pleasure's all mine :)