Monday, 13 December 2010

Euphoria, Calvin Klein


Mysterious beauty, intoxicating glamour
An air of seduction transparent with desire
Arouse the senses, illuminate the dream…

The beautiful fragrance starts with sweet fruits; the pomegranate and persimmon are liberally sugared, and the “lush green accord” adds a kind of synthetic freshness that floats above but does nothing to temper the syrupy sweetness. It moves quickly into the dry down, which is blended floral notes mingling with now-indistinct fruits, the whole doused with a warm vanilla cream laced with patchouli, amber and a hefty dose of musk.

The iconic Euphoria bottle has been rediscovered with a silver shell draped over the shoulders, exposing the signature bottle’s sensuous curves. The color of the fragrance is sheer and elegant, with the sleek champagne interpretation of the outer packaging refined and delicate.

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i have to say, i really do love this perfume its a very sweet scent, great for spring time
thanks for posting