Monday, 17 August 2009

Independence Day!

It's August 17th!
Happy Independence Day to all! Enjoy the long-weekend holiday....
What can be a better expression of Indonesia's freedom than our red-white flag. Blazing red taffetta and pure white satin, tulle, ruffles: perfect combination for this celebration.


Savita said...

Happy Independence to all the Indonesia's, keep smiling.


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jak said...

Happy Independence day!! I want to post this theme in my blog but i was out of town yesterday...and i can't post it today coz today there's a special day i want to post in it =)

Chloe said...

Happy Independence Day! Is that Sasha? I love her too!!

Fé... said...

Thanks Savita.

Jak, I am flattered! It's one of the best birthday gifts I'm receiving this year. Thanks a lot, pal! ^^

Hi Chloe! Yuppie it's Sasha. I like her -especially in this pics, but prefer Gemma altogether :p