Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Distance between Us.

I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to him;
especially when he's near me.
It's as if I had a string somewhere under my left rib,
tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string,
situated in the corresponding quarter of his frame;

If... that boisterous channel
and the thousand miles or so of land come broad between us.
I'm afraid that cord of communion between us will be snapped.
Then I have this nervous notion I should take to bleed inwardly.
As for you; you'd forget me...

Put your hands in mine, dear... just this one time.
So that I have the evidence of touch, to prove that you are near me.
Your presence is an addition to my comfort.

Picture via Design Scene


jak said...

"Then I have this nervous notion I should take to bleed inwardly."

Even in u bleed psychologically... it sounds horrible Feb... and i think you'll not be forgotten, he will remember you even he's shall not continue


Fé... said...

Stop worrying Jak... I'm perfectly fine and happy. It's just a note I wrote a while ago. Then I found the picture in my pile and thought it really suited the writing. Made the post (otherwise it'll be forgotten) :D

You made me sound like a heart-broken girl who cannot let go of the past. Ouucch... Lol! I've moved on pal...

jak said...

LOL sorry...i can't stop laughing lol...

but, that's a great news! =)

blue said...

thank u feb for visiting n saying hello to me @bq..:) lo..r u sick? :( how r u rite now?

Fé... said...

Yeah, been tied to bed for a couple of days. The flu just refuse to detach itself from me :) I'm too cute I suppose, blue. But I'm gradually getting better. Would be as healthy as a horse very soon. Thanks for the sweet concern.