Saturday, 29 August 2009

Can You Keep a Secret?

Pssstt.... Can you keep a secret?
'Cause I'm telling you some details you haven't known about me...

1. Ever since kindergarten, I've NEVER ever got an antagonist role.
(It has always been the princess, the fairy, the angel, the lovely girl next door, etc). I guess it has something to do with my "baby-face".
The fact is I really want to look fierce and give "bad roles" a shot.

2. I am afraid to death of injection :p Ooops...
Can't help it! There's something eerie about needles!
Back in high school, I faked a stomachache and skipped a school day to avoid an injection.

3. I turn into a freak/monster when it comes to books.
Each and every single book of mine is covered, no folded-pages and super-neat. They all look brand new.
I would notice even the tiniest stain and would buy a new one to replace it.
I once bought the same book for 1 1/2 its price because it's in better condition.
I go mad if anybody goes near my shelves and mess around.

4. I can survive three full days with just a toast.
I fainted at the brink of the fourth day :p
Just a picture of how far a girl could go to look fabulous in a gown.

5. I'm secretly in love with someone who's not supposed to be loved...
Ha, that's all I'm telling you. What do you expect? I would spill all the embarrassing details? Too good to be true!

6. I have very little hairs, I used to look like Tweety when I was a toddler.

7. My little sister who is in elementary school often gives me a treat when I take her to the mall.
How bizzare is this?

8. I don't really enjoy bedlam, I love solitary instead.
After nights out with lots of friends, I feel the urge to go somewhere very quiet alone and isolate myself. Don't worry too much though, I'm not planning to leave this sinful world to go meditating in a cave or something of that sort... At least not in the near future. Lol.

9. I seriously think a glass of beer is better than wine.

10. I purchased a handbag five times my monthly salary and don't regret it.

Well, now you know I'm not a perfect girl.
My hair doesn't always stay in place. I sometimes have an acne on my forehead (yes, at 24 of age; and people say acnes are only for teenagers!). I forget things and spill things a lot, I'm pretty clumsy.

My friends and I sometimes disagree and fight.
Now and then I have my heart broken and break someone else's heart.
And there are days when I wake up at the wrong side of the bed, and for the rest of the day things go all wrong. Shit happens, as people say.

But when I step aside and review myself, when I look in the mirror every morning; (staring at this girl with black eyes and tousled hair)
I spot flaws; yet I think I see a beauty; maybe, just maybe I love being imperfect. just the way I am.

You have to know that no matter what you think; for now and forever, I will still be who I am, keep saying what I feel and doing what I want...


Sara said...

I enjoyed reading this, a lot.
You have a lovely little sister! and 3 days, 1 slice of toast? YES! A girl has to go a little overboard every now and then!

Anonymous writer said...

I liked this. I'm glad I found your blog, I'll keep reading!

Do not worry, I can keep a secret ;). It's not like I have anyone to really tell it to.

~ Anonymous Writer

p.s check out my blog?

Dionne said...

Injections scare me too - i can't stand them!

And what - FIVE times your salary? I would feel sooo guilty if I did that. But it's good that you don't regret it - Buyer's Remorse is not good!

Anonymous said...

I do a lot of the same things you do! I can survive of toast as well, and sometimes I do spoil myself to pricier things than usual.. You just HAVE to, sometimes.. And I do prefer beer over wine. I just don't know what it is.
Great post!

Olivia Liem said...

Feb, I understand u totally on number 1.. I always get the protagonist roles also. Cinderella, Jasmine, Fairy..I even played Jesus in primary school..(I was trying so hard to remove the moustache and beard drawings from my face backstage before the performance, but the tacher found out..)
Btw, I also agree on number 8&9..
Number10, this is what I'm planning to wish me luck..

jak said...

This is a sunny post =) so exited to write in the comment box now.

#1 Do u wanna play as a villain in my movie? i'll give the role if u want it, lol
#3 Me too...i do the same to my comics. All of it still looks like in store(proud
#5 news that i've not known.
#7 I want to take ur sister to Mall!!!!

under lock and key said...

I used to be really afraid of injections too, but whenever i get one these days, i just close my eyes and pretend i'm lying on a field an a giant ant is biting me.

Fé... said...

Yea Sara, I'm giving her for free, + discount if you want. This 4th grader girl can be so annoying at times.
A slice of toast for three days, but I drink glucose water :p

Hi there,Anonymous Writer! Nice to meet you. Please do come back, it'll be great to have you around!

Geez Gintare, wish you live in Indonesia. We could go and do crazy shopping sometimes, just sometimes :p

Finally Liv, someone who knows how annoying it is to always be the sweet "girl next door". Aaaarrggghh!
Number 10, you go girl! Just don't do it too often, it's a bit dangerous for health. Lol...

Jak, do you realize you're the only guy around? Lol! Thanks my dearest loyal reader... Come on, write your own "Can You Keep a Secret?" -as I promised to write my own "Definition of Magic". Coming soon yeah...
Try babysitting my sis for a day, she's such a handful.

Lol under lock and key, thanks for the advice. Will give it a try the next time I need to have an injection.

jak said...

LOL, yes...i will make mine...soon =)

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I don't like to,love, to write...strange I know.

I too am inlove with someone, only twist is they could be the same but there's a "middle man" (HER)....and I'm not one to intrude.

All 4 years of high school, I wore only heels...

I'm extremelyyyyyyyyyyy shy.

Though, I'm asked to be apart of "girly girl" projects, events...I completely HATE it...I am not a girly girl at all.

That's all I can think at this moment hehe