Monday, 31 August 2009

The Day You Went Away

Scenario 1

I became more sad and silent as the day approached for his leaving,
I tried to appear as usual, but the sorrow I had to struggle against was one that could not be entirely conquered or concealed.

I intimated that this would be a different parting form,
any I had ever yet known.
It would probably, as far as I was concerned, be a parting for years.
It might be a parting for life.

"He would sacrifice all to his long-framed resolves," I thought.
Natural ambitions and persistence more potent still beneath him.
He looked placid but hid a fervor in his vitals,
in some things he was inexorable as death.

It was in scenes of strife and danger
-where courage was proved and energy exercised and fortitude tasked,
that he would speak and move,
He was right to have chosen his path, I saw it clearly.

But the worst was, my heart would hardly permit me to dissuade him from his severe decision.
Certainly I couldn't blame him for it. It was best, yet it broke my heart.
And tears gushed to my eyes.
That day, after he had bid farewell to his beloveds and friends,
he thought proper not to have an encounter with me; left in silence instead.
I was hurt by the marked omission, so much hurt that tears started to my eyes.

I had not much pride under such circumstances:
I would always rather be happy than dignified,
And I ran after him, but he was not there anymore.
He had left, forever...

Pictures via Le Love


Sara said...

This is heart-breaking and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is very sad.. A very nice poem.

Fé... said...

It is indeed too sad and heart-breaking, girls.
Unfortunately, it is derived from true events :p
I've decided to make another scenario of "The You Went Away" though, just to ease the pain...
There would be scenario 2, which happens only in the illusive world of mine :D