Monday, 24 August 2009

Chanel No. 5

Ad Campaign Chanel No. 5
Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Official Website
Models Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport
Soundtrack Billie Holiday - I'm a Fool To Want You

It's time for Chanel No.5 mini movie, which will follow its stars, model Travis Davenport and actress Audrey Tautou on a legendary "Orient Express" journey from Paris to Istanbul.

The leading lady role is granted to Audrey Tautou, who will also star as Coco Chanel in the upcoming "Coco Avant Chanel". The French actress replaces Nicole Kidman as the new face of the fragrance after 5 years of Kidman's reign. Alongside her, stars male model Travis Davenport, who despite not being an actor; gives a strong performance and a wonderful touch to the film.

There's no dialogue throughout the 1 minute film. Not a single word, so it's all in the eyes. It's tough to convey emotions without words and such in a short time. Thus, the intensity in the eyes has to be even stronger. The duet was all about exchanging and listening, and of course eye contact. It's a question of feeling and they simply have the chemistry!

Please don't view the film through Youtube, I strongly recommend you get the full Chanel Numero 5 experience at the fragrances official website, making this work of art seem even more fascinating.


miss a. said...

Ahhhh, I can't wait until this is out. It's almost (finally!!!) here in the U.S.

Antonio Barros said...

I saw it! It is so pretty!

jak said...

Oh God!! The perfume reflection scene is totally cool!!

No dialogue and words...image talks! "it's all in the eyes"

Ari said...

spot on, it's very girly! you're so into chanel, huh? they do a mean perfume, their's are the best!

Fé... said...

Hi, miss a, I don't know if I'm mistaken, but you can watch the commercial at the official website. I've watched both version (uncut and shorter)...

Jak, waiting passionately for the day you could make a movie as distinguished as this one. I think you're already on the track... :)

Yea Ri, it's like the best brand in the world! I love its handbag the most, even more than an Hermes Birkin!