Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunday, 12 February 2012

{What to Wear on V day}

Forget trying to decide on a present, we know the real headache you're having is what to wear this Valentine's Day. Here, we've got outfit ideas that'll suit your mood and flatter your body type.

Want to show off your sexy legs? Go for a mini dress. Luckily mini dresses and skirts are quite in style this season and really, there's no better way to show off those lovely legs. To balance out the look, make sure your top isn't too low-cut. If you've opted for a mini dress, also make sure it isn't too tight so you can avoid looking overly risqué.

If the last thing you want to do is draw attention to your legs and thighs, you can always opt for a pair of dark denim or black trousers. Wide leg trousers will make your legs appear longer and slimmer. To really elongate your legs, wear those trousers with heels and make sure your pants hems are just above the floor. If you do want to try a dress or skirt, look for one that hits right above the knee. You can also slim the legs with some black tights.

It's daring, it's bold. Red is this spring's power color, and an obvious choice for Valentine's Day. How to wear it? The key is finding the right shade of red for your skin tone. If you have lighter skin, you can pull of a bright, bold red. Darker skin tones can try deep red shades and also orangey-reds. If you're hesitant for either, look for lighter, pastel shades of red. Pair with nude (not black) accessories to soften the overall look. And since it's V-day, after all, go ahead and rock a bright red lip or nails to match.

Monday, 16 January 2012

*Titanic 3D

Cameron's 1997 megahit Titanic is looming over the 2012 horizon in 3D.

So we’ve heard rumblings for a long time that Titanic would eventually get a 3D release and more recently Cameron said the aim was to release it in spring of 2012 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the titular ship’s sinking. Now Los Angeles Times – in a piece celebrating Titanic actress Gloria Stuart’s 100th birthday – has confirmed the aim by saying that Cameron is, “converting the blockbuster into 3-D for re-release in April 2012, the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking.”

Get a sneak-peak of the clip here, does the trailer float your boat?
Could it be an even bigger hit for James Cameron?

Friday, 16 September 2011

Arizona, the "Muse"

Once in a while, a name comes along that screams “I was born to be a star”. Arizona Muse is such a name. The 22-year-old progeny of a British mother and American father began modeling at 18, while still in high school. Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the fashion industry was a far cry away from her surroundings as she tells Dazed and Confused, “I didn’t have any contact with fashion or media. I’m only just learning now how it works”. It was by chance that she met her agent, a former model, who offered to help her into the industry.

She began slowly, not gaining much notoriety. After a year, she became pregnant with her son Nikko, and left modeling. This short hiatus created a change in Muse, who decided to return to modeling when Nikko was 1, and to give it a real try “If I’m going to work again then I’m going to do it properly this time”. And properly she did. Her long natural blonde hair was morphed into a short brown cut. Ever since her reemergence, she has been whole-heartedly welcomed by the in-crowd.

Each season, there is a model, either a newcomer or an established model, who overtakes all the runways: she walks in every show, is an exclusive for certain designers, will open or close major shows and put herself above and beyond the rest. Spring Ready-To-Wear 2011, her first runway season, Muse managed to do just that. She opened BCBG Max Azria, walked for Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez and Proenza Schouler, all within the same week. She then proceeded to open and close the Prada show, the Miu Miu show, and opens for Rochas as well as Kenzo. No newcomer can even imagine or hope for this type of success within their first catwalk moments.

But then again, not every newcomer is Arizona Muse. After her runway triumph, she became the face of Prada. It certainly did not hurt that the affectionately called “Monkey Business” Prada show she opened and closed was considered one of the most influential and directional shows of the season. Appearing in their short promotional fashion film followed.

What is most interesting about Muse is her luck and talent. She has been fortunate enough to see everything she touches turn into pure gold. Her success seems predetermined; being the face of Prada and Yves Saint Laurent, walking the Valentino, Elie Saab and Chanel couture shows all the while appearing in editorial after editorial in the most prominent of fashion press does not just happen. Or does it?

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Facebook is actually like a jail, no?

You sit around and waste time,
write on walls,
get poked by people you don't know.

I seriously need a restriction order from my PC!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

7th September

September 7 is the 250th day of the year in the calendar.
There are 115 days remaining until the end of the year.

Something beautiful, please pop up anytime soon...

Friday, 2 September 2011


I'm in a long distance relationship:
I live here and how,
You live somewhere in my future.

Every night I'm talking to the moon, trying to get to you,
in hopes you're on the other side talking to me.
And maybe someday we will meet.

This story will resume.
We will turn back time, we will find each other, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

Happy Autumn!

From the 26th of August to the end of 2nd of September, throughout this anxious but memorable week, there is a spell of the extraordinarily beautiful autumn weather that always takes us by surprise, when the low sunshine is warmer than in spring; when the air is pure and thin, everything sparkles enough to sting the eyes; when you breathe deep and feel refreshed, drinking in the fragrant autumn air; when even the nights are warm, and on dark, warm nights like these golden stars startle or delight us by scattering themselves endlessly down the sky.

The weather was like this at ten o'clock on the 2nd of September. The morning light was magical. A strange and magnificent moment...

Friday, 29 July 2011

Anorexic Obsession.

I wanna be so thin that people talk behind my back of how skinny I've become.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Céline, Fall Winter 2011

UPDATED: new images photographed by Juergen Teller.

Monika Sawicka and Kirsi Pyrhonen are the new faces of Céline for their Fall Winter 2011 campaign replacing Stella Tennant and Daria Werbowy lensed once again by Juergen Teller.