Sunday, 7 March 2010

You Left Me Feeling...

Like a turning head
Like a second look
Like a burning leaf of an open book
Like a pounding sea
Like a messy crime
When your eyes first met with mine

Like a broken word
Like a tragic smile
Like a thousand steps or a single mile
Like a lonely chance
Like a savage glow
When you turned and said hello

I was just about to call
There were flowers on the ceiling
You left me feeling...

Like a fading voice
Like a closing door
Like a dozen lies and a dozen more
Like a twisted tongue
Like a distant bike
When we broke out into the dark

The stars looked like burning sparks
The lights were warm but chilling
You left me feeling...
Tired, could not close my eyes
On fire, but frozen inside
To run or to hide
Speechless, my words could not melt
Whisper, I wanted to shout
Without you I felt...

Like a fleeting thought
Like a double eight
Like a gentle fear of a warming taste
Like a placid breath
Like a cooling blow
When you stopped and held me close

Inside I nearly froze
Your touch is almost healing
You left me feeling
Tired, could not close my eyes
On fire, but frozen inside
To run or to hide
Speechless, my words could not melt
Whisper, I wanted to shout
Without you I felt...

Like a setting sun
Like a last goodbye

Like an incomplete lullaby

Song Title Incomplete Lullaby
Singer Lisa Mitchell
Songwriter Lisa Mitchell
Album See You When You Get Here


AH said...

how beautiful.. and lovely pics as well!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Love these words!! I'm guessing Fe, that wehave similar tasted when it comes to life as it is! :) I'm so gald to know you!! Looks like you maybe able to appreciate some little poetry that I write too! :)

Tangerine Fairy said...

I didn't know of the singer till now and what talent! Love the lyrics..I'm going to check out the song now..

BTW, thanks for your sweet always cheer me up..Have a beautiful day sweets! :)



sanchez said...

and although I was feeling,
a sort of depression
my head began to wander
and so the recession
began within
my mind
and soul
and left me,
with a feeling
of blackened coal.

^ Your post reminded me of half of a poem I forgot about a year ago.
Thank you :)

CL, said...

i love lisa mitchell, she's got a really unique voice! beautiful photos dearie, happy easter again ♥

HeatherClark said...

well i can certainly relate to this! i wish i have been wearing that outfit and that my room was clean haha

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Fe,

Beautiful words and pictures.

Have a happy Easter


pilcuis said...

this song is so beautiful :) and i love the images selection

≈ Jennifer said...

I love Lisa Mitchell, and that song incomplete lullaby is my fav also! lovely post! And fabulous blog! :) am following also! Thanks for following my blog!

Have a happy Easter weekend!


Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

The lyrics are beautiful will have to listen to the song ! Nice photos :)


EmbodyingFashion said...

Great post and amazing photos.

julianne. said...

another amazing post by the amazing fe that i love. <3

Lauren said...

these pictures are fun. If you want to find over the knee/ thigh high socks like that check out They carry them

hopelle said...

loove the lyrics! Amazing post! And those pictures - gorgeous!
Keep posting such beautiful posts! love it!

LingLing said...

Awww i like this song as well :)

Btw. I have only noticed it now (cause I have added the followers gadget to my blog yesterday) that ur one of my followers too ♥ Thank you very much and I'm sorry for being so stupid and not seeing it sooner.


Fé... said...

I'm glad to have this amazing chance to know you to, Tamanna. You're such a darling ;)

I've also found out about her just recently as well, Tangarine Fairy. And instantly in love :) Ow, so glad that I can put a smile on your face the same way you do to mine!

Sanchez, Sanchez, yet another beautiful poem emerging from your heart. I just get so envious, how come a girl be as talented as you are! Luv you, girl!

Hahahaha. No worries, LingLing. We all do little stupid mistakes every once in a while. Those things simply make us smile :)