Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Let's Play a Game!

So you say you love handbags.
Tell me, how well do you know them!
What's popping in your mind, when you see this images?
What brands are these bags? What are their official names?

Ready. Get set. Go!
(1. Gucci Boston, 2.Vintage Chanel Single Chain, 3. Hermes Kelly, 4. Fendi Phyton Baguette Bag, 5. Louis Vuitton Paris Speed)


Susan said...

I knew all at once! :)))
I wish I would own them, too! :)
what an amazing post, darling.
have a lovely week, xoxo


yea great game and amazing photos. i got the first one wrong, damn lol

CL, said...

awesome post :) i just got the first one wrong!

OneCraftyFox said...

Ha ha! Chanel (?), Gucci, next ??, Louis Vuitton, Gucci again.... How did I do? ;)

Very fun post!

OneCraftyFox said...

Oh my, I'm terrible!

P.L. said...

How nice! First of all, I love the photos - the way these fabulous bags leave their prints in that sandy matherial...
I wasn's sure about the third one but then I remembered it was Fendi

juicy j said...

this is so freekin amazing!
i love it.<3

Paranka said...

these pictures are amazing! Very original!

Fé... said...

Great job, Susan! I think it comes with no surprise that you got it all right all at once. Your fashion knowledge should be as excellent as your fashion blog! Love you girl!

I think getting only one wrong is still pretty great, Nek & CL dearie. We always make one mistake of two time after time :)

All in all, it's so cool that you guys have fun with this post. This is why I love blogging. I just love making other people happy. Your smiles make my day!