Monday, 29 March 2010

I'm Back...

with lots and lots of changes.
inside, out.

Change is good.
Change is interesting.
Change is an excellent measurement of growth.

Triumph over evil.
Personal decisions to not be affected.
Locking a closed door.

Choosing to.
Being all you can be.

Moving ever forward.
Asking... receiving.

I'm not gonna connect all the dots... I'm just throwing it out to you.
Catch what fits.

Enjoy the show.
Do your dance.
Enjoy your life.

Pictures via Anja Rubik


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Fe :)

Welcome back. Nice editorial :) Have a fab Sunday!

akaCola said...

hey thanx for coming by the blog and commenting...I like all the inspirational statements that you posted...very nice..definitely following...:) you are welcome to follow back!

akaCola said...

lol....nvm looks like we are already following haha

AH said...

gorgeous pics, and there's an award waiting for you over at my blog!

sanchez said...

Oh I'm so happy your back! I missed you SO MUCH


^ More then that much.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Fe,

Great to see you back again and thanks for sharing this lovely post and photos.
Change is good, I agree.
Many thanks for visiting me and leaving a note.

Happy week

Robyn said...

Change IS good. What a sweet little poem!

Welcome back!


julianne. said...

good i missed yooouuu!
change can be a great thing! <3
love the pics.<3

Olivia Liem said...

Welcome back dear, been missing you..How's life? Changes are good. Love the "locking a closed door" part :)
I was away for quite a while also..Work has been tough on all the wedding thing..come by to my blog on wedding songs when you have time? need your help there..

CL, said...

yay you're back :) i missed you and all your amazing posts! change is great, i love all the words,

Wynne Prasetyo said...

awesome post, dear. :)

yeah you should come for a visit, like a long weekend trip for example. then we should meet up, wouldn't that be great? :)

are you a student?

I'm Heraid said...

what interesting photos! I like that bag

Sarah Klassen said...

Welcome home, dear Fé :) Lovely words and images, as always...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us, this week.


EmbodyingFashion said...

Change is an excellent measurement of growth - i really like this line! And thoes photos are so fashionable.

OneCraftyFox said...


Tangerine Fairy said...

Glad to see you back Fe : ) lovely words as always..

Thank you for the sweet always cheer me up!

Taj Acosta said...

Welcome back doll! Change is wonderful, it's progression! Hope you have a blessed week! xoxo

jak said...

Coming back with great spirit!! Gr8!!

Fé... said...

Wow, what a pleasant surprise to come back to AH. Thanks! I'll go check out asap!

Sanchez, Julianne, CL, Sarah, Tangerine Fairy and Taj Acosta. All of you my dearest sweethearts, you truly never fail to put a smile on my face. That's very sweet of you!

Live!!!!! It's me to say "You're finally back!". God, I've been missing you so much! Yeah, I understand you must have been pretty occupied with so many errands. Thanks for dropping by amidst that heavy schedule, dear. So happy to see you around. Oh of course, I'll go to your place. Whatever assistance needed :) I'll be more than glad to give a hand.

Why that's an awesome idea, Wynne. Because actually my gramps live in Jakarta. I think I've got Jakarta in my getaway schedule around June. I'd love, love to call you and meet up. That'd be wonderful. And I was a student :p a while ago. I'm actually 24. Not that old, uh?