Monday, 1 March 2010

Buying Happiness?

"This is the one."
The universe assures me from behind the counter.

"But I thought you said the last one was the one."

I reply.

"No." Says the universe.
"I sold you that one so you would know that this, this is the one."

"Is there another one?"
I ask the universe.

"I can't tell you."
They reply. "It'd ruin the surprise."

So I guess, I'm buying this one instead: PATIENCE

Picture via Iva Messy


juicy j said...

i need that.
im so impatient.
i would forsure buy that can,
ahahaha. :)

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Yeah, me and patience have got to make an outting soon.........I have very lil love for it :) Thanks for sharing.

CL, said...

i love the words,
yes i really need to be more patient ;)

EmbodyingFashion said...

omg i need it too my patience is so small these days.

Fé... said...

C, there you are girls... All are so impatient to buy the "Patience" can. What a cute irony...