Sunday, 4 October 2009


Be daring,
Be different,
Be impractical,

Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose
and imaginative vision
against the play-it-safers,
the creatures of the commonplace,
the slaves of the ordinary.
-Cecil Beaton

I found the following entry on arianna belle site awhile back and like to re-read it every so often. I find it inspiring and motivating. Read on.

can be defined by: if someone was to ask you “how are you?” you would reply “fine”. Mediocrity is doing an “ok job”, having a relationship that “works”, being just a “little” overweight, having a job that “pays the bills” etc.. Mediocrity is putting up with things the way they are with no firm plan to change the situation by a specific date. Mediocrity is following a predetermined and unfulfilling path. Most people live in a state of mediocrity. Mediocrity is as close to the bottom as it is the top.

Greatness is demanding the best of everything and doing what is required to get it. Greatness is demanding friends who demand the best. Demanding the best wife or husband and the best job and the best pay. Demanding the company you work for makes the best product and is uncompromising in its promise to the customer. Greatness is demanding the best out of one’s self.

Greatness means taking ownership of your life and operating out of what is possible not from a place of fear. Greatness is having faith that the world will unfold as you design it to be...

* Living a “FINE” life
* Just going with the motions of life – not “living” life
* Status Quo
* Following a predetermined path
* Following a “leader”
* Stagnant
* A vocabulary full of “I wish and I hope”, excuses and blame
* Worrying about what others think
* Not taking control of ones life
* Continually trying to look good
* Not loving every moment life
* Unhealthy Mind = Unhealthy Body

* Leading a “great” life on a daily basis
* Creating your own path in this world
* Being a “leader”
* Unique individual
* Do not live your life concerned about how you look or what others think
* Live a life full of endless possibilities
* Open to failing and making mistakes
* Learning and new experiences
* Knowledge
* Continually moving forward
* Confident, strong and courageous
* Personal Responsibility – full ownership of one’s life
* Making a difference – being a contribution

Choose to be GREAT…
Choose to bring greatness into your life...
Choose to partake in “elevating the world from a place of mediocrity to a place of greatness!”