Friday, 16 October 2009

*Romeo + Juliet

The greatest love story the world has ever known.
From Age to Age One Classic Story is as Timeless as Love Itself.
Hope and Despair. Hate and Love.

Shakespeare's famous play is updated to the hip modern suburb of Verona still retaining its original dialogue. This movie does an excellent job of combining Shakespearian dialogue with modern imagery. Admittedly, Luhrmann did an excellent job of making the movie believable while using the quaint language.

This movie brings new life into the words of Shakespeare, and even if you know the play almost by heart it is refreshing to hear the words in an entirely new context, and one which makes sense.

This version of Romeo and Juliet actually does add something to the extensive history of the play. The soundtrack is excellent, the acting is appropriate (Danes and DiCaprio do a wonderful job of portraying the young lovers), and the scenery is fabulous. This film jump-started the trend of modern-day Shakespeare remakes, and I think it's the best one.


Sanchez said...

Urgh! I know what you mean.
Where art thou Romeo?

It sounds cliched, but I still wish it would happen for me.

jak said...

Hahahahaa...yes it's cheesy but it's delicious kan? LOL A new u? that's strange :D

i want to say it too,
"Where art thou, Juliette?"

Fé... said...

Oh Sanchez, so it's not just me being dreamy all day :p

No, cheese is not delicious Jak, chocolate is. Because it's sweet. Too much cheese will give you stomachache :p

Lysetta said...

thanks for the compliment! :) I love your blog as well, and the pictures about romeo + juliet were splendid :)