Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Juicy Store, London

The first Juicy Coture store in the UK
Address: 26 Bruton Street, London W1
Website: www.juicycouture.com

Luxury lifestyle brand Juicy Couture is opening a London flagship store this July 2009.

Historical Streak
The Juicy Couture-Bruton Street love affair started with the discovery of the Hartnell building, Norman Hartnell’s atelier, where he designed Queen Elizabeth II’s clothing including her wedding gown.

The building has housed Juicy Couture’s showroom for the past five years and when the much admired townhouse next door became available, Juicy seized the opportunity to acquire it for their London flagship.

Built in 1705 and recognized by the London Heritage Society, this 4,000 square foot Georgian house will be split into two retail floors, with the remaining floors dedicated to the company’s showrooms and European offices.

Originally built as a private home, it was important to maintain the store’s residential feel while playing up Juicy’s unique irreverence, style and wit. The design concept for the London store showcases the brand’s creative identity while maintaining its status within the fashion world – giving a real sense of Hollywood fantasy, California freedom and eccentricity.

Inside the Store
The Bruton Street Juicy Couture flagship will offer apparel for women and kids, sleepwear, and accessories - including handbags, jewelry, sunglasses and shoes.

Also available will be Bird by Juicy Couture, the brand’s latest collection, for the girl whose personality is evidenced through her cutting edge sense of style.

Pictures via Design Scene


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