Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Donna Karan, Frill Seeking

Flounce your way through Spring with cascades of ruffles in sugary hues. It's just the right ingredient for light volume and a soft silhouette from Donna Karan Spring 2010 Ready-to-wear Collection.

The Collection
Donna Karan had a hit on her hands yet again. Tweaking the fabrics and the color palette, she sent out another wearable collection of soft skirtsuits and body-loving draped dresses.

She explained that she was "inspired by the power of the elements," namely, from the looks of things, wind. The hem of the opening stretch linen twill jacket, for example, was molded as if the model wearing it had just encountered a stiff breeze on the runway, while the bottom of a linen burlap top worn with a slim pencil skirt was permanently upswept. The effect was a sense of movement and a pretty femininity not always easily achieved in tailoring.

Twisting around the body, Karan's dresses had a weightless, easy appeal. There were stretch matte jerseys in blush, and wrap styles with more volume in gray and white.

The simple lines of a folded envelope dress provided ample opportunity to show off a striking coral belt from Gerda Monies.

Statuesque Beauty Backstage
Delicate yet graphic looks reigned backstage at Donna Karan's spring show. Eyes painted with thick white eyeliner popped againt pale skin and bare lips, accenting a collection dominated by a palette of muted grays.

The show, overall, was Karan at her modern, unfussy best.

Pictures via Captivate Me

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