Saturday, 5 September 2009

Stop! Just for a moment...

I'm feeling somehow fatigue...
The fact is it takes energy to live life -running daily mundane errands, deal with everyday's problem, maintaining relationships, keeping your faith to reach your dreams. Honestly, the race of life could be a little tough sometimes.

What do you do when you run out of energy?
This is what I do and it works, one way or another... When I'm feeling uneasy, perhaps low on energy; I try to be still and get quiet. When doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, I quiet myself in order to afford myself renewed hope and cheer.

But many of us have trouble getting quiet. It's as if we are afraid of silence; it makes us very uncomfortable. The moment we get in the car, the radio or CD player goes on. The moment we get home, the TV goes on, the musics are played loudly.

Yet, in a sense, sometimes it is well to turn off the world. If you want to lower your stress, it's as simple as this: Shut up. Be silent. Stop talking and start listening to the universe.

A while ago, after a long hard day; instead of crowding my mind with TV shows or DVDs, I went out to the backyard, sit down, just be quiet, lay my head back down and looking at the sky, the stars. Tranquility is what I got, I started rethinking about my life, reconsidering my priorities, cherishing all that I'm having, smiling at the thoughts of people who truly love me; tuning in and focusing to "life" again.

It's wonderful to get alone for five minutes a day and be completely silent. Learn to take little mini-breaks during the day. When you feel your blood pressure rising, stop. I'm not suggesting thirty minutes of meditation. I'm talking about fifteen or twenty seconds. Just little mini-breaks to stop and be quiet.

Here's an easy formula I use: Divert daily, withdraw weekly, abandon annually. Get quiet once a day, take one day a week to rest, and always take some sort of vacation at least once a year.


Sara said...

I shut the world out. And the people around me, disrespectful of my decision bang on the doors, the bang and bang, and I withdraw further. Deeper.

And it gets worse, because at that point, I refuse to think.

Olivia Liem said...

Sometimes all you need is just a little time alone..Yes, I agree with you Fe, it always works for me.. When I feel down or exhausted, I usually just look out of the window, see the world goes around me, the people, the trees, the sky, the tall-buildings, anything, and it somehow brings me to realize that my life isn't that bad, that God has given me so much more than I deserve..And at the end of the day, I can't help but giving thanks for everything that happens in my life :)

jak said...

Yes! I fully agree with u...sometimes, when i go home from work, i desperately want to be alone in my room to get some tranquility. But unfortunately, I can' mom and aunt always watch TV in my room...I have to wait till late to get that and i'm too sleepy to do that.

I'll figure this out, sometimes i really need that to manage my life =)

Fe said...