Monday, 7 September 2009

~ Fun Fall with Kate Spade

Are you a woman who appreciates a fresh sense of style? A girl with fashion sense of your own, quirky personality and not afraid to stand out in the crowd?

Then listen up because KateSpade is right for you!
Official website:

This cheerful clothing collection from renowned fashion accessories label Kate Spade is the loveliest thing I've seen for some time. For the current fall season Kate Spade launched 60s retro French style looks with a very feminine and optimistic feel.

Bright, joyful colors like mustard yellow, tomato red, cerise pink, as well as shiny sequins or graphic details such as contrast buttons and black-on-white oversized polka dots cheer up quiet neutrals.

Fall 2009 looks from Kate Spade online collection have charming evoking names like "dashing into the office" or "off to the opera" and embrace some of the ongoing season trends such as the sweater dress, the bow-front blouse, the wool pencil skirt, the sequined shift dress, the military styled coat or the cropped faux-fur jacket, all with a discreet, timeless appeal. Take a look for yourself.


CL, said...

she looks adorable, and i'm loving all those cute, bold pieces :)

Antonio Barros said...

Lovely collection! I love the vibe of the pictures!

Everyone loves fashion said...

this is awesome! so many great ideas and such a great inspiration to me :)

Draffin Bears said...

This is a lovely collection and as you say it is fun and brings a smile to your face.
Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy your week

Olivia Liem said...

I always always love Kate Spade handbag..and I'm totaly in love with this new collection..Thanks for sharing it..

Fé... said...

Agree with all of you girls.
So in love with this campaign. They're cute!

Anonymous said...

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man said...